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Special Events

Whatever the occasion, Lehigh Country Club is the place.

For over the past century, Lehigh Country Club has stood for outstanding quality, service and uncommon innovation. You can use one of the club's private dining rooms or we'll bring the Lehigh Country Club's quality to you. Either way, we approach each event with the precision of a watchmaker and the flair of an artist.
So, relax. Whatever the occasion, you can select Lehigh Country Club with confidence. Confidence in our quality, our value, and the knowledge that your affair will run smoothly.
Bookings are now being accepted from members of Lehigh. Members can sponsor their family members, friends, and business associates to hold events at the Club so they can experience Lehigh Country Club cuisine and service.
Located along the "Little Lehigh", the Club is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Sunday for members and their family, friends and business associates. The Club is also available for private breakfast functions/meetings. Private dining rooms are available by reservation only. Our menus offer the finest cuisine and excellent value, providing variety, creativity and elegance to make your dining experience a memorable pleasure.
Contact Carly Barron, Events Manager at 610-433-7443 or [email protected]